Tuesday, May 27th, 2014
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09:00 09:30

Opening Ceremony

09:30 10:30


Steffen Staab
Universität Koblenz-Landau, DE

"Programming the Semantic Web"

Session Chair: Fabien Gandon

10:30 11:00 Coffee break


Mobile, Sensor and Semantic Streams

Session Chair: Oscar Corcho

1. The CLOCK Data-Aware Eviction Approach: Towards Processing Linked Data Streams with Limited Resources
Shen Gao | Thomas Scharrenbach | Abraham Bernstein

2. Plan-Based Semantic Enrichment of Event Streams
Kia Teymourian | Adrian Paschke


3. Error-Tolerant RDF Subgraph Matching for Adaptive Presentation of Linked Data on Mobile
Luca Costabello


4. RDSZ: An approach for lossless RDF stream compression
Norberto Fernández García | Jesús Arias Fisteus | Luis Sánchez Fernández | Damaris Fuentes-Lorenzo | Óscar Corcho

In-Use and Industrial I

Session Chair: Mathieu d'Aquin

1. Accepting the XBRL Challenge with Linked Data for Financial Data Integration
Benedikt Kämpgen | Tobias Weller | Sean O'Riain | Craig Weber | Andreas Harth


2. Predicting Severity of Road Traffic Congestion using Semantic Web Technologies
Freddy Lecue | Robert Tucker | Veli Bicer | Pierpaolo Tommasi | Simone Tallevi-Diotallevi | Marco Luca Sbodio


3. conTEXT -- Lightweight Text Analytics using Linked Data
Ali Khalili | Sören Auer | Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo


4. PCS2OWL: A Generic Approach for Deriving Web Ontologies from Product Classification Systems
Alex Stolz | Bene Rodriguez-Castro | Andreas Radinger | Martin Hepp

12:40 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 14:50

Linked Open Data I

Session Chair: Freddy Lecue

1. Trusty URIs: Verifiable, Immutable, and Permanent Digital Artifacts for Linked Data
Tobias Kuhn | Michel Dumontier.

2. Leveraging Distributed Human Computation and Consensus Partition for Entity Coreference
Saisai Gong | Wei Hu | Yuzhong Qu

Social Web and Web Science

Session Chair: Harald Sack

1. SentiCircles for Contextual and Conceptual Semantic Sentiment analysis of Twitter
Hassan Saif | Miriam Fernandez | Yulan He | Harith Alani

2. User Interests Identification on Twitter Using a Hierarchical Knowledge Base
Pavan Kapanipathi | Prateek Jain | Chitra Venkataramani | Amit Sheth

14:50 15:15

Services, Processes and Cloud Computing

Session Chair: Freddy Lecue

1. Linked USDL: a Vocabulary for Web-scale Service Trading
Carlos Pedrinaci | Jorge Cardoso | Torsten Leidig


3. Identifying diachronic topic-based research communities by clustering shared research trajectories
Francesco Osborne | Giuseppe Scavo | Enrico Motta
15:15 15:45 Coffee break
15:45 17:00

Data Management I

Session Chair: Maria-Esther Vidal

1. Pay-as-you-go Approximate Join Top-k Processing for the Web of Data
Andreas Wagner | Veli Bicer | Thanh Tran

2. A Framework for Iterative Signing of Graph Data on the Web
Andreas Kasten | Ansgar Scherp | Peter Schauß

Natural Language Processing

Session Chair: Harith Alani

1. NLP data cleansing based on Linguistic Ontology constraints
Dimitris Kontokostas | Martin Brümmer | Sebastian Hellmann | Jens Lehmann | Lazaros Ioannidis

2. Using Semantic and Domain-based Information in CLIR Systems 
Mauro Dragoni | Alessio Bosca | Matteo Casu | Chiara Di Francescomarino

16:35 17:00 3. Perplexity of Index Models over Evolving Linked Data
Thomas Gottron | Christian Gottron

Semantic Web Policies, Rights and Governance

Session Chair: Pompeu Casanovas

1. These are your rights: A Natural Language Processing Approach to Automated RDF Licenses Generation
Elena Cabrio | Alessio Palmero Aprosio | Serena Villatao


17:00 18:30

EU Project Networking Session

Session Chair: Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa, Sergio Consoli, Alessio Iabichella

Semantic Web Evaluation Challenges

Session Chair: Milan Stankovic


1. Semantic Publishing Challenge: presentation of tasks
Angelo Di Iorio | Christoph Lange

2. Linked Open Dataenabled Recommender Systems Challenge: presentation of tasks

Ivan Cantador | Tommaso Di Noia

AI Mashup Challenge

Session Chair: Ioannis Papdakis

1. An Approach for Incremental Entity Resolution at the Example of Social Media Data
Ansgar Scherp

2. Open Linked Widgets Mashup Platform
Dat Trinh Tuan

3. SEMashup - Making Use of Linked Data for Generating Enhanced Snippets
Pierre-Edouard Portier

4. Augmented Participation to Live Events through Social Network Content Enrichment
Daniele Dell'Aglio

5. conTEXT - A Mashup platform for Lightweight Text Analytics
Ali Khalili

17:00 17:30


17:30 18:00


18:00 18:30


3. Concept-Level Sentiment Analysis Challenge: presentation of tasks
Erik Cambria | Diego Reforgiato

Linkedup challenge

Session Chair: Stefan Dietze

LinkedUp Challenge Introduction.

Minute Madness presentation by Linked Up competing participants

19:00 21:30

EU Project posters

Semantic Web Evaluation Challenges, AI Mashup Challenge, LinkedUp Challenge

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
09:15 09:30


09:30 10:30


Luciano Floridi
Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK

"Coordination, Semantics, and Autonomy"

Session Chair: Valentina Presutti

10:30 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 12:40


Session Chair: Sebastian Rudolph

1. Scaling Parallel Rule-based Reasoning
Martin Peters | Christopher Brink | Sabine Sachweh | Albert Zündorf

2. A Probabilistic Approach for Integrating Heterogeneous Knowledge Sources
Arnab Dutta | Christian Meilicke | Simone Ponzetto

3. WaterFowl: a Compact, Self-indexed and Inference-enabled RDF Store
Olivier Curé | Guillaume Blin | Dominique Revuz | David Célestin Faye

4. Ontology-Based Data Access Using Rewriting, OWL 2 RL Systems and Repairing
Giorgos Stoilos.


Machine Learning

Session Chair: Volker Tresp

1. Dedalo: looking for Clusters Explanations in a Labyrinth of Linked Data
Ilaria Tiddi | Mathieu D'Aquin | Enrico Motta

2. A Knowledge Based Approach for Tackling Mislabeled Multi-class Big Social Data
Huakang Li | Yi Liu | Mingyi Guo | Bei Xu

3. Providing Alternative Declarative Descriptions for Entity Sets using Parallel Concept Lattices
Thomas Gottron | Ansgar Scherp | Stefan Scheglmann

4. Unsupervised Link Discovery Through Knowledge Base Repair
Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo | Mohamed Sherif | Klaus Lyko

12:40 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 15:30

Linked Open Data II

Session Chair: Vojtech Svatek

1. SPARQL Query Verbalization for Explaining Semantic Search Engine Queries
Basil Ell | Andreas Harth | Elena Simperl

2. Optimising Linked Data Queries Using Runtime Statistics in the Presence of Co-reference
Xin Wang | Thanassis Tiropanis | Hugh C. Davis

3. Survey on Common Strategies of Vocabulary Reuse in Linked Open Data Modeling
Johann Schaible | Thomas Gottron | Ansgar Scherp

Cognition and Semantic Web

Session Chair: Aldo Gangemi

1. The usability of Description Logics: Understanding the cognitive difficulties presented by Description Logics
Paul Warren | Paul Mulholland | Trevor Collins | Enrico Motta

2. NL-Graphs: A Hybrid Approach toward Interactively Querying Semantic Data
Khadija Elbedweihy | Suvodeep Mazumdar | Stuart N.Wrigley | Fabio Ciravegna

3. Evaluating citation functions in CiTO: cognitive issues
Paolo Ciancarini | Angelo Di Iorio | Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese | Silvio Peroni | Fabio Vitali

15:30 15:50 Coffee break
15:50 17:00

Data Management II

Session Chair: Jacco van Ossenbruggen

1. HiBISCuS: Hypergraph-Based Source Selection for SPARQL Endpoint Federation
Muhammad Saleem | Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo

2. Generating Synthetic RDF Data with Connected Blank Nodes for Benchmarking
Christina Lantzaki | Thanos Yannakis | Yannis Tzitzikas | Anastasia Analyti

3. Distributed Keyword Search over RDF via MapReduce
Roberto De Virgilio | Antonio Maccioni

In-Use & Industrial II

Session Chair: Evelyne Viegas

1. Seeding Structured Data by Default via Open Source Library Systems
Dan Scott

2. How to Best Find a Partner? An Evaluation of Editing Approaches to Construct R2RML Mapping
Christoph Pinkel | Carsten Binnig | Peter Haase | Clemens Martin | Kunal Sengupta | Johannes Trame

3. Towards Portable Shopping Histories: Using GoodRelations to Expose Ownership Information to ECommerce Sites
László Török | Martin Hepp

17:00 18:30

Panel: "Data protection and security on the Web"

Session Chair: Valentina Presutti

Panelists: Harith Alani, Pompeu Casanova, Luciano Floridi,
Fabien Gandon, Aldo Gangemi, Steffen Staab, Maria Esther Vidal
20:00 open-end

Conference Gala Dinner

Thursday, May 29TH, 2014
09:00 11:00

Posters and Demos

11:00 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 12:30


Volker Tresp
Siemens and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, DE

"Machine Learning with Knowledge Graphs"

Session Chair: Claudia d'Amato

12:30 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 15:15

Linked Data III

Session Chair: Abraham Bernstein

1. Generating and Summarizing Explanations for Linked Data
Rakebul Hasan

2. Hybrid Acquisition of Temporal Scopes for RDF Data
Anisa Rula | Matteo Palmonari | Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo

3. Detecting Incorrect Numerical Data in DBpedia
Dominik Wienand | Heiko Paulheim.



Vocabularies, Schemas, Ontologies 

Session Chair: Martin Hepp

1. Object Property Matching utilizing the Overlap between Imported Ontologies
Benjamin Zapilko | Brigitte Mathiak

2. Towards Competency Question-driven Ontology Authoring
Yuan Ren | Artemis Parvizi | Chris Mellish | Jeff Z. Pan | Kees Van Deemter | Robert Stevens

3. Identifying change patterns of concept attributes in ontology evolution
Duy Dinh | Julio Cesar Dos Reis | Cedric Pruski | Marcos Da Silveira | Chantal Reynaud


Best Workshop papers 

Session Chair: Harald Sack

15:15 15:45 Coffee Break
15:45 16:35

Linked Open Data IV

Session Chair: Elena Simperl

1. A Scalable Approach for Efficiently Generating Structured Dataset Topic Profiles
Besnik Fetahu | Stefan Dietze | Bernardo Pereira Nunes | Marco Antonio Casanova | Davide Taibi | Wolfgang Nejdl

2. Facilitating Human Intervention in Coreference Resolution with Comparative Entity Summaries
Danyun Xu | Gong Cheng | Yuzhong Qu

In-Use & Industrial III

Session Chair: Evelyne Viegas

"Semantics Inside!'' But let's not tell the Data Miners: Intelligent Support for Data Mining
Jorg-Uwe Kietz | Floarea Serban | Simon Fischer | Abraham Bernstein

Matware: Constructing and Exploiting Domain Specific Warehouses by Aggregating Semantic
Yannis Tzitzikas | Nikos Minadakis | Yannis Marketakis | Pavlos Fafalios | Carlo Allocca | Michalis Mountantonakis | Ioanna Zidianaki

Wrap-up session (Workshops, Tutorials, PhD Symposium)


Workshops and Tutorials Wrap-up
Session Chairs: Harald Sack and Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles

PhD Symposium Summary
Session Chairs: Steffen Staab, Mathieu d'Aquin

16:35   Closing and Award Ceremony